Tiangang Cui

School of Mathematics, Monash University.

Office 328

9 Rainforest Walk

Monash University, Vic 3800

Research: Google Scholar, ORCID, GitHub

computational mathematics, machine learning, inverse problems, numerical analysis, geophysics, and scientific computing

Brief Biography:

  • 2020–present: Senior Lecturer, School of Mathematics, Monash University
  • 2016–2020: Lecturer, School of Mathematics, Monash University
  • 2015–2016: Senior Research Engineer, ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company
  • 2012–2015: Postdoc Associate, Aerospace Computational Design Laboratory (ACDL), Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Contact: firstname(dot)lastname(at)monash(dot)edu


Nov 24, 2020 A long announcement with details
Nov 24, 2020 A new website

selected preprints and publications

  1. arxiv
    Deep Composition of Tensor Trains using Squared Inverse Rosenblatt Transports
    Cui, Tiangang, and Dolgov, Sergey
  2. NIPS
    A Stein variational Newton method
    Detommaso, Gianluca, Cui, Tiangang, Marzouk, Youssef, Spantini, Alessio, and Scheichl, Robert
  3. JCP
    Dimension-independent likelihood-informed MCMC
    Cui, Tiangang, Law, Kody JH, and Marzouk, Youssef M
  4. JCP
    Scalable posterior approximations for large-scale Bayesian inverse problems via likelihood-informed parameter and state reduction
    Cui, Tiangang, Marzouk, Youssef M, and Willcox, Karen E
  5. IP
    Likelihood-informed dimension reduction for nonlinear inverse problems
    Cui, Tiangang, Martin, James, Marzouk, Youssef M, Solonen, Antti, and Spantini, Alessio
  6. WRR
    Bayesian calibration of a large-scale geothermal reservoir model by a new adaptive delayed acceptance Metropolis Hastings algorithm
    Cui, T, Fox, C, and O’sullivan, MJ