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  1. arxiv
    Deep Composition of Tensor Trains using Squared Inverse Rosenblatt Transports
    Cui, Tiangang, and Dolgov, Sergey
  2. hal
    Data-Free Likelihood-Informed Dimension Reduction of Bayesian Inverse Problems
    Cui, Tiangang, and Zahm, Olivier


  1. arxiv
    Stein variational online changepoint detection with applications to Hawkes processes and neural networks
    Detommaso, Gianluca, Hoitzing, Hanne, Cui, Tiangang, and Alamir, Ardavan
  2. arxiv
    Multilevel dimension-independent likelihood-informed MCMC for large-scale inverse problems


  1. arxiv
    Certified dimension reduction in nonlinear Bayesian inverse problems
    Zahm, Olivier, Cui, Tiangang, Law, Kody, Spantini, Alessio, and Marzouk, Youssef

journal articles


  1. IP
    Semivariogram methods for modeling Whittle–Matérn priors in Bayesian inverse problems
    Brown, Richard D, Bardsley, Johnathan M, and Cui, Tiangang
    Inverse Problems 2020
  2. SISC
    Scalable optimization-based sampling on function space
    Bardsley, Johnathan M, Cui, Tiangang, Marzouk, Youssef M, and Wang, Zheng
    SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing 2020
  3. JUQ
    Optimization-Based MCMC Methods for Nonlinear Hierarchical Statistical Inverse Problems
    Bardsley, Johnathan, and Cui, Tiangang
    arXiv preprint arXiv:2002.06358 2020
  4. A non-linear reverse-engineering method for inferring genetic regulatory networks
    Wu, Siyuan, Cui, Tiangang, Zhang, Xinan, and Tian, Tianhai
    PeerJ 2020
  5. Randomized reduced forward models for efficient Metropolis–Hastings MCMC, with application to subsurface fluid flow and capacitance tomography
    Fox, Colin, Cui, Tiangang, and Neumayer, Markus
    GEM-International Journal on Geomathematics 2020


  1. IJNME
    A posteriori stochastic correction of reduced models in delayed-acceptance MCMC, with application to multiphase subsurface inverse problems
    Cui, Tiangang, Fox, Colin, and O’Sullivan, Michael J
    International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering 2019
  2. IJUQ
    Using Parallel Markov Chain Monte Carlo to Quantify Uncertainties in Geothermal Reservoir Calibration
    Cui, Tiangang, Fox, Colin, O’Sullivan, Mike, and Nicholls, Geoff
    International Journal for Uncertainty Quantification 2019
  3. J. Struct. Geol.
    Extraction of high-resolution structural orientations from digital data: A Bayesian approach
    Thiele, Samuel T, Grose, Lachlan, Cui, Tiangang, Cruden, Alexander R, and Micklethwaite, Steven
    Journal of Structural Geology 2019


  1. J. Struct. Biol
    Rapid near-atomic resolution single-particle 3D reconstruction with SIMPLE
    Reboul, Cyril F, Kiesewetter, Simon, Eager, Michael, Belousoff, Matthew, Cui, Tiangang, De Sterck, Hans, Elmlund, Dominika, and Elmlund, Hans
    Journal of structural biology 2018


  1. SISC
    Goal-oriented optimal approximations of Bayesian linear inverse problems
    Spantini, Alessio, Cui, Tiangang, Willcox, Karen, Tenorio, Luis, and Marzouk, Youssef
    SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing 2017
  2. SISC
    Bayesian inverse problems with l_1 priors: a randomize-then-optimize approach
    Wang, Zheng, Bardsley, Johnathan M, Solonen, Antti, Cui, Tiangang, and Marzouk, Youssef M
    SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing 2017


  1. JCP
    Dimension-independent likelihood-informed MCMC
    Cui, Tiangang, Law, Kody JH, and Marzouk, Youssef M
    Journal of Computational Physics 2016
  2. Pragmatic approach to calibrating distributed parameter groundwater models from pumping test data using adaptive delayed acceptance MCMC
    Cui, Tiangang, Ward, Nicholas Dudley, Eveson, Simon, and Lähivaara, Timo
    Journal of Hydrologic Engineering 2016
  3. IP
    On dimension reduction in Gaussian filters
    Solonen, Antti, Cui, Tiangang, Hakkarainen, Janne, and Marzouk, Youssef
    Inverse Problems 2016
  4. JCP
    Scalable posterior approximations for large-scale Bayesian inverse problems via likelihood-informed parameter and state reduction
    Cui, Tiangang, Marzouk, Youssef M, and Willcox, Karen E
    Journal of Computational Physics 2016
  5. CMAME
    Multifidelity importance sampling
    Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering 2016


  1. SISC
    Optimal low-rank approximations of Bayesian linear inverse problems
    Spantini, Alessio, Solonen, Antti, Cui, Tiangang, Martin, James, Tenorio, Luis, and Marzouk, Youssef
    SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing 2015
  2. IJNME
    Data-driven model reduction for the Bayesian solution of inverse problems
    Cui, Tiangang, Marzouk, Youssef M, and Willcox, Karen E
    International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering 2015


  1. Characterization of parameters for a spatially heterogenous aquifer from pumping test data
    Cui, Tiangang, Dudley Ward, Nicholas, and Kaipio, Jari
    Journal of Hydrologic Engineering 2014
  2. IP
    Likelihood-informed dimension reduction for nonlinear inverse problems
    Cui, Tiangang, Martin, James, Marzouk, Youssef M, Solonen, Antti, and Spantini, Alessio
    Inverse Problems 2014


  1. Uncertainty quantification for stream depletion tests
    Cui, Tiangang, and Ward, Nicholas Dudley
    Journal of Hydrologic Engineering 2013


  1. WRR
    Bayesian calibration of a large-scale geothermal reservoir model by a new adaptive delayed acceptance Metropolis Hastings algorithm
    Cui, T, Fox, C, and O’sullivan, MJ
    Water Resources Research 2011

book chapters


  1. Optimization methods for inverse problems
    Ye, Nan, Roosta-Khorasani, Farbod, and Cui, Tiangang
  2. A Metropolis-Hastings-Within-Gibbs Sampler for Nonlinear Hierarchical-Bayesian Inverse Problems
    Bardsley, Johnathan M, and Cui, Tiangang

conference articles


  1. NIPS
    A Stein variational Newton method
    Detommaso, Gianluca, Cui, Tiangang, Marzouk, Youssef, Spantini, Alessio, and Scheichl, Robert
    In Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 2018
  2. Mathematical modelling of genetic network for regulating the fate determination of hematopoietic stem cells
    Wu, Siyuan, Cui, Tiangang, and Tian, Tianhai
    In 2018 IEEE International Conference on Bioinformatics and Biomedicine (BIBM) 2018
  3. MCQMC
    Network Structure Change Point Detection by Posterior Predictive Discrepancy
    Bian, Lingbin, Cui, Tiangang, Sofronov, Georgy, and Keith, Jonathan
    In International Conference on Monte Carlo and Quasi-Monte Carlo Methods in Scientific Computing 2018